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BeliSwap the Decentralized Exchange

Become Legendary In Swapping with a fast-growing DeFi environment that allows you the best on the Binance Smart Chain. A simple and easy to use financial trading platform that you can access from your portable wallets.

BeliSwap is a full-service decentralized exchange with yield farms and staking pools. It’s created for those who want to earn passively and become a fruitful.

The BELI Token

$BELI is the main token for BeliSwap (Decentralized Exchange) and BeliPay (Payment Gateway). Users can earn $BELI and $BEFX and many others when they stake and farm their LP (Liquidity Pool Token). If you rather wish to use your $BELI or $BEFX token to pay/donate to that content creator you always liked, you can do that in a mather of time. Be Creative, Think BELI.

BeliSwap Trading Platform

BeliSwap and its cryptocurrency trading platform is a financial trading tool that allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies safely and quickly. BeliSwap has provided a financial environment that is accessible for everyone with many compatible wallets such as MetaMask, TrustWallet, MathWallet, TokenPocket, Wallet Connect, Binance Smart Chain Wallet, and SafePal Wallet.

The $BELI & $BEFX Farming Pools by BeliSwap

Earn $BEFX, $BELI by staking your $TKP, $BELI, $BEFX in the Liquidity Farming Pools. The bigger your weight in staking, the bigger your earnings.

The BELI Fruity Staking Pool by BeliSwap

Stake your favourite token and earn some nice piece of fruit as a dessert. Earn your income by staking. $BEFX $BELI will be available at launch date.


The beginning of a new era with BeliPay, the ultrasonic speed Gateway/Processor Platform. Our payment platform provides E-commerce and website establishers with revolutionary options to accept payments as well as paying invoices.

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