The Beli Token

BELI, the native utility token of BeliSwap, is used for a variety of purposes within the growing landscape. Its main functions are yield farming, staking and making payments on the payment gateway through BeliPay, The powered by BELIFEX ultra-fast payment gateway.

BELI Tokenomics

  • 1.000.000 will be launched with a hyper fair launch/70% will be used for liquidity pool
  • 200K BELI tokens will be locked for 5 year
  • 100K BELI is used for future development
Token Utility
  • Token name - Beli Token
  • Token symbol - BELI
  • Preminted tokens - 2 million
  • Minting rate - 15 tokens/block

Beli Liquidity Farms

BeliSwap allows users to earn an additional yield by staking supported liquidity provider (LP) tokens in one of its numerous yield farms. By participating in a yield farm, users earn a BELI yield on their LP tokens. This is on top of the yields generated through transaction fees.

The exact APY can vary from farm to farm, but can be as high as several hundred percent. Though users will need to factor potential impermanent losses into their overall yield.

Beli Staking Pools

Staking pools are the equivalent of BeliSwap's simple staking functionality. Through the platform's Staking pools, users can stake a variety of BEP-20 tokens to earn a yield — either in the form of BELI or another reward token.

As with its yield farms, the APY for each pool can vary considerably, and users will need to consider the changing value of their staked assets to calculate their true yield.

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Frequently asked Questions

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The launch of BeliSwap is expected at Q2 - 2023 together with its native token $BELI

1.000.000 token with 700.000 tokens in liquidity

The softcap for Beli will be 1BNB

$BEFX holders will be able to claim there share of $Beli after a snapshot on the blockchain has been taken. Users can log in with there wallets and see a claim button on BeliSwap

After launch

For the moment not yet